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History of Crépy-en-Valois

The origins of the city of Crépy-en-Valois remain uncertain. During 10th century, the first lords of Crépy fortified the area, this rocky promontory overlooking the streams of Taillandiers and Sainte- Agathe.

The castrum didn't stop developing since then: firstly under the impetus of the Counts of Amiens Valois, who founded the Abbey Saint Arnoul in 1008, then with the Counts of Vermandois, particularly Philip d'Alsace and his wife Elizabeth who founded in 1182 in the suburbs a collegiate dedicated to Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, who was assassinated in his cathedral.

Civil and religious protection drew a more and more numerous population. Prosperity settled thanks to the pilgrimages and grew even after 1213, the date of the reattachment of Valois to the French crown.

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From the 11th to the 13th century, the position of the burg, at the crossroads of the fairs of Flandres and Champagne, assured its wealth. This wealth was destroyed by the One Hundred Years War: Crépy-en-Valois was plundered despite its fortifications.

The city struggled to rise again in spite of the erection of the Earldom into a Duchy since the Dukes of Orléans would then prefer Villers-Cotterêts and its forest to Crépy-en-Valois.

The multiple hazards of religious wars by the end of the XVI century didn't help its situation. In 1638, Gaston of Orléans gave it back its importance by making it an administrative head office. Unfortunately, the creation in 1703 of the bailiwick of Villers-Cotterêts plunged Crépy-en-Valois back into its isolation.

In 1790, the revolutionary district was created. Thereafter, it became an administrative center of the canton, arrondissement of Senlis, department of Oise.

The 19th century announced winds of change. The city expanded to the East with new neighborhoods. The arrival of the railroad facilitated the establishment of prosperous industries (furniture factory…) and therefore the installation of a workforce.

The wars of 1914 and 1939 wounded our city by multiple bombings; but the successive mayors knew how to look after and maintain the city's dignity and dynamism.

Its location between the great Parisian crown and the Picard plateau offers its inhabitants a pleasant living environment. The ancient houses of Crepy's public figures in the Old City arouse the admiration of numerous visitors (Houses of the Rose (de la Rose), of Four Elements (Quatre Eléments), of Four Seasons (des Quatre Saisons), Saint-Joseph...).

Hiking in the forest or in the Autumn Valley (Vallée de l'Automne) is highly appreciated by everyone.


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